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#1 - People leave Netflix in droves after a mere announcement that they were raising rates, and you're talking about companies raising prices of hamburgers.

#2 - You don't work with top management at Pacific and Arclight. Your company represents them. YOU are a glorified file clerk and don't have a clue what you're talking about.

#3 - With the txtebow/houghtam bipartisan minimum wage plan () is actually perfect for theaters as well as fast food, retailers, etc. You simply only allow the upper end minimum wage law to take effect for those who are not claimed as dependents. Don't tie it to age, as that could be challenged for age discrimination, but to my knowledge, there is nothing against discrimatoon based on dependent status. Those types of jobs are great for young my last location there were three maybe four employees (out of about 50) who weren't still claimed by their parents.
Basically this would be a hire dependents and otherwise automate people out of work program. Doubling the cost of low skills workers brings many other options into feasibility.
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