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So you are saying you think anyone should be able to form a social partnership that gets the same bennies as married people, but without the sex, love, etc etc. Could those 2 men then still have girlfriends lol? I guess i am sort of seeing where you are coming from but to tell you the truth it seems like a last ditch effort to throw poop on an issue you lost on and are unhappy about. I get it though.

I don't really like seeing things like Transgendered 4 yr old gets to use girls bathroom, victory for transgendered everywhere! I mean it gets ridiculous like a bad Southpark episode.

IMO we need to make it easier for people to afford private schools with vouchers so they aren't stuck sending kids to a we let johnny dress like a girl school but you can't say a prayer.
There are lots of loveless and/or sexless marriages out there. Even marriages of pure convenience with action on the side. Not sure why they deserve special treatment.

"Traditional" marriage essentially died with the easy no-fault divorce. And I've thought we needed to strip state sanctioned marriage down to a naked contract between any two consenting adults for a long time. Regardless of this case.
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