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A small start would be abolishing the practice of tips being legally substituted for actual pay.

Why should anyone work for $2.15 and hope that the schmucks they are serving are decent enough to make up the difference between that and a livable wage?

Why should a comely, young female be able to make far more money serving than an equally competent homely, older female or a male? Why should a server working for a ritzy restaurant automatically and arbitrarily get paid more than an equally competent server at a more modest establishment? Why should only the server be dependent on said schmucks' decency? Why not the cook and other people who all have as much and sometimes a lot more impact on the quality of your service/meal?

Servers and other traditionally 'tip supported' workers should have the same wage requirements as any other employees. If you really want to try to buy the hot waitress with an actual tip (rather than the current situation which is you directly paying that person's wage), go ahead.

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