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Alot of good advice. I really struggle with anxiety, especially in crowded or tight spaces. Just thinking about it induces panic.

Alot of this goes back a few years with the army. I worked in Casualty operations at the height of the Iraq war. We were shorthanded, I worked nights, 24 hrs straight by myself, then mornings, my sleep was always off, my diet suffered and I stopped working out. This lasted for three years. I have actually never been the same person. Wound up with a host of medical problems and developed an inner ear problem. As a result, I have had a slew of medications thrown at me at one time or another.

A few casued sexual problems. Immediately stopped taking. A few led to suicidal ideations. I was actually going through the steps to plan how I would do it so my family wouldnt find me, and doing everything step 1, 2, 3 etc. Only the realization that I had NO EMOTION while planning this caused me to evaluate what was wrong with my thought process.

Now I dont take anything. Never had great results with them anyway. I have had embarrasing full blown attacks, but have found that exercise helps.

One other thing that I havent found mentioned. Take up a hobby. I find it diverting. I like collecting and resumed a childhood collection. Now when I start getting into areas that normally my brain would start moving into panic mode, I have something else to think about. Has actually helped me alot.
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