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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
The state can't extend benefits to one but not the other in the name of equal protection. Are you saying state sanctioned partnerships should hinge entirely on the willingness to consummate? That can't be the standard.
So you are saying you think anyone should be able to form a social partnership that gets the same bennies as married people, but without the sex, love, etc etc. Could those 2 men then still have girlfriends lol? I guess i am sort of seeing where you are coming from but to tell you the truth it seems like a last ditch effort to throw poop on an issue you lost on and are unhappy about. I get it though.

I don't really like seeing things like Transgendered 4 yr old gets to use girls bathroom, victory for transgendered everywhere! I mean it gets ridiculous like a bad Southpark episode.

IMO we need to make it easier for people to afford private schools with vouchers so they aren't stuck sending kids to a we let johnny dress like a girl school but you can't say a prayer.
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