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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
No parent will make kid go work for 5 bucks an hour when the other ones making 15. They will go surfing at the beach and low income families will have to decide whether to not claim the kid or let him work for 5 bucks an hour.
Or? No, if they claim him, that's what he gets. You're still not understanding. And what "other ones" are making $15? In the example I gave, you know, the theater I used to personally manage, ALL but 3 or 4 employees would have made $5 under this law, and those few were in their 40s. I think you vastly underestimate the number of young people willing to work out there.

But regardless, that was my compromise. The fact remains that prices won't go through the roof if the minimum wage is increased. Why? Because math, that's why. Now go back to your paper shredding.
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