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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
And actually, cut, I would even be willing to consider LOWERING the minimum wage for dependents since, in the literal sense, they depend on someone else for support.

$5.00 an hour for dependent employees.

Looks like your best buds from Pacific and Arclight just switched over to my side.

That would just make dependent kids not work and hurt low wage families who depend on them to help out. You're ideas are crap. I golfed with the senior risk manager from arc light just a few weeks ago Houghtam. Meanwhile you were cleaning bathrooms. This weekend my band playing for Meals on Wheels for wounded vets in Long Beach through the Veterans Hospital. What are you doing this weekend? Popping some popcorn? I will be hanging out with old dudes who toured with the Drifters hearing awesome stories all while supporting those in need. Let me guess you will be seeing if Johnny can work on Friday night because Nancy quit. Try harder dude.
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