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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
having my job bagged on by a theater manager is pretty funny. You are wrong also because adults right now making 15 bucks an hour will expect a huge raise when you start paying some 17 yr old kid 15 bucks an hour when the adult worked 5 yrs to get to that wage. Tons of companies business models would be out the door if they had to pay the workers 15 bucks an hour. Theaters would close, fast food would close, restaurants would close, because no one would be willing to pay 30 bucks to see a movie.
Nowhere did I say theaters would pay 17 year olds $15 an hour. For a paralegal you sure don't know how to ****ing read.

And as far as giving raises to people already making what the minimum wage is going to be? Guess what? EVERY business that pays minimum wage had to do that very thing just a few years ago when it went up to $7.25. You know what those employers did? They used it as an opportunity to have everyone re-interview for their jobs. Businesses would have no problem saying to an employee "you know what, you were worth $15 an hour yesterday, that's what you're worth today", just as they had no problem saying "you were worth $6.50 but you're not worth $7.25."
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