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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
No that wasn't long. No problem. When I was really digging in and trying to learn as much about "anxiety" as I could, of course I came across all different methods of dealing with it. Some of them share many principals but some have some different aspects altogether. For example, the Lindon Method is all about understanding ALL of the different ways anxiety manifests itself and so you learn to identity all the various ways. But he also is heavy on diversion. He explains all the sensations but then when you feel them, he's heavy on diverting attention to something else. Where I've seen others say embrace that feeling and listen to it and, as best you can, accept it and try to feel what's going on. That's a far stretch from just trying to divert your attention. It seems there are really 2 basic forms of dealing with it. One is the diversion where you don't want to acknowledge it and just try to move on while the other is to dig deeper trying to get a better understanding as to why it's happening.

But I really dig that part where you mention that thoughts themselves can be a sensation. Do you recommend any material on this Vipassana meditation?

It's actually very simple... diversion is effective, once you've learned to accept.
When your level of acceptance is such that you can sit with the symptoms and not add additional mental commentary (my head is killing me, when will this end, etc.)... that's when diversion is a great tactic.

The problem with diversion without acceptance is that you're going to end up fighting. When your symptoms come on, you'll start hustling to divert attention... scrambling to do something else... and distract yourself. This in itself can create more stress, tension and worry. It's the old concept of trying not to think of something.... good luck.

So, practice total acceptance first, then use distraction once you are at ease with the symptoms.

Claire Weekes (google her) was the pioneer of almost all modern anxiety/stress disorder recovery methods. She was curing people without meds long before we understood what stress disorders even were. Check her out.
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