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Originally Posted by txtebow View Post
I am very concerned for the future of this country and the shrinking middle class. I've been fortunate (as have 2 of my 3 brothers) as we've been able to enter lucrative career fields and had decent financial success even though we came from an average middle class background. But we are more and more the exception rather than the rule and as a father of 5, I genuinely fear for my childrens economic futures. A minimum wage increase for ADULT workers (over age 18) should be instituted. I personally feel as though $12/hr (~$24K a year) is a sufficient wage to pay for an entry level position. That goes from being a cashier at Walmart to flipping burgers. As a business owner and healthcare professional I love profit as much as the next business man, but I also make a point to reward those who in their daily efforts support the overall processes by which we earn capital. $12/hr is fair.
There still needs to be a minimum wage for minors.

Adults who are still listed as dependents by their parents should not be able to reap full minimum wage, either. (If its being raised to a livable wage)
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