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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
Two things:

1) He put himself in that situation.

Perhaps he your logic though, so did Trayvon by attacking a guy with a gun right?

2) Define feeling "your life is in danger?"

Really? whatever your personal definition is, surely getting your head smashed onto a concrete sidewalk falls into that category does it not?

Anytime you fight, is your life in danger?

When you fight with a sibling or buddy, perhaps not....a total stranger banging your skull into a concrete sidewalk? Most definitely.

Maybe in the struggle, he took a couple shots to the head and then shot him. In fact, if his life was in danger to the point where he was getting his head bashed into a did he have the wherwithall to grab his gun and shoot him.

Are you kidding? you know there was a guy who was punched in the head and died due to the coma caused by the punch (

He felt his life was threatened probably after the first or second time his skull hit the concrete with Trayvon on top of him....wouldn't you?

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