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Default Fallout of Hernandez-football talk side

I feel that we all know that Hernandez will be gone for the entire season no matter what happens with this court case. I just wanted to discuss where New England will have to turn. I feel that Denver, among other teams can take "advantage" (and I quote that because of the seriousness of the case and the loss of a life) of the situation that New England will be placed in now. Basically, their weapons are extremely thin and I don't see them bringing back B. Lloyd and I wouldn't see TO or Chad Johnson being picked up by them. And the tight ends are very thin outside of Winslow.

For Denver, I can see out WR and TE depth getting a pick(s) or player(s) for them. Obviously we have locks at WR with Demaryius, Decker, and Welker. I wouldn't imagine King will go anywhere. Outside of that, I see one spot being open for the five. No, I'm not counting Holliday as a WR. Anyways, that leaves the door for a potential trade.

As for TE, I don't see any locks, but I believe we will not keep three but we have four guys that can play and two were McDaniels picks.

Again, I know that Hernandez is in a serious situation but I wanted to discuss football about it, like Burger Bill did here:

Could Hernandez's release affect AFC West?

By Bill Williamson | Jun 26, 2013 2:15 PM
The Aaron Hernandez arrest and his fast release from the New England Patriots is clearly a dominant story that shakes beyond the AFC East.

Yes, there is reason to write about it on this blog. While I think it is currently inappropriate to wonder if his future could include the AFC West, his release from the Patriots could affect this division.

The Patriots may be in need of help at tight end with Hernandez gone and Rob Gronkowski a major question mark because of injuries. The free-agent market is very weak at tight end, thus the Patriots may be forced to seek a trade.

I think both Denver and Kansas City should call the Patriots and see if they can take advantage of the team’s hole at the position. I think Denver could potentially dangle Joel Dreessen and Kansas City could potentially offer Tony Moeaki. Both players are better than any option the Patriots currently have.

Dreessen had 41 catches last season. I think Denver would be more open to move Dreessen than Jacob Tamme, because Tamme is a bigger part of the offense and has long-time chemistry with Peyton Manning. Julius Thomas was getting rave reviews for his work in the offseason, so perhaps he is ready to take the next step and become a contributor. That could make Dreessen expendable.

I am a big believer in Moeaki, who has been hampered by injuries. I’m not sure the new Kansas City regime is courting on Moeaki. Anthony Fasano was signed in the offseason and Travis Kelce was drafted in third round. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Chiefs could get something in return for Moeaki and they’d feel comfortable rolling forward with Fasano and Kelce.

One final thought on Hernandez: He is subject to a waiver claim on Thursday. I would be shocked, beyond shocked really, if any team puts a claim on him. I just couldn’t fathom it.
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