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Originally Posted by Finger Roll View Post
It's ok to take medicine. I've been taking anti depressants since 1992. It works and if I don't take them I get very very depressed. My grandma took Xanax and other stuff for many years and lived to be 90.
I think in some cases it could be the last resort for some and that's all well and fine. I think most of us that are against the drugs say so with the emphasis being that try something natural at first and give it some time. There are indeed probably a ton of cases in which the drugs help people but I'll also tell you that there are probably millions who probably could be doing just as well without them if they tried some other things. I'll bet you there are hundreds of thousands upon thousands of people who felt this way and went to the doctor and got put on a drug, without even trying to fix other things in their life first. They just do what doc says. Doc wants to get paid. Here you go sir, good day to you, best of luck.

I don't understand how some people make that decision to go on SSRI. They have to know the sexual side affects. Many of these were used to treat pre-mature ejaculation and I've read forums all over the web where people say they just can't reach a climax (both men and women) while on these. The weight gain is another. Even read where some people who took them for a short period of time (6 months) then got off them and a year later they still have these sex side affects. Can anybody comment on those (please keep it clean). I got prescribed citalopram a few years ago and I took 1 pill and I'll tell you I had sex that night with GF and it was almost 2 hours before I could pop. Never took one again.

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