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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
what he was saying in a bad analogy is that having a ethnic player as a top pick and potentially the #1 pick would drive fans of that shared background to root for the sport and tune in more.

which happens with any minority race. they tend to pile on and support that player heavily and it piques interest in the sport more.
because you can market it to that fan base.

and it's not just race, it's religion, lifestyle, culture & etc.
the more comfortable a fan is with a player's perceived image the more they're likely to follow him and the sport.

with that said, i don't flying **** if he's black, blue, yellow, Armenian, Scottish, Catholic, Aesthetic, Bi-Sexual, Gay or whatever.
is he the better player and can he help my team win?
the problem comes in when the issue or cause is greater than the value of the actual player's production(IE Tebow)

I know....Iggy was a high 1st too....his argument falls flat.
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