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Beavis? No comment? You blew an awful lot of smoke. Where's the fire?
Keep smokin' that pole, Tone.

The treatment of progressive groups cannot be equated to that of tea-party groups. The term “progressive” was flagged in a general warning to agency screeners — one that remained on the list throughout the time in question — that the applications of progressive organizations may not merit 501(c)(3) designation, which prohibits groups from engaging in political activity. That warning, according to an IRS source familiar with the review process, did not prevent first-line screeners from recommending an application be approved.

The same lists, between August 2010 and February 2012, directed screeners by default to send tea-party applications to a special group for further review and for coordination with lawyers in Washington, D.C. “They are different,” says the agency source of the designations made for progressive and tea-party groups.
Jeez, I thought you guys said this was just a few rogue Cincy agents. Now suddenly we find out that all Tea Party apps went straight to purgatory in DC, with not a single one ever getting approved, and you guys are still closing cases because someone might have used a different key word sometimes (and then approved the app anyway)

Can you demonstrate a similar denial pattern (aka total)? No. But you'll latch onto whatever distraction you can while the investigation of why DC wanted all those Tea Party apps buried continues.
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