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Rahim Moore

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I love how the left focuses on the dissent instead of the real story that this court comes left when they feel its in the law. Ask yourself how often the liberals come to the right then tell me who is biased and partisan.
Uh, no. There has been zero yield to the left on any notable case from Scalia, Alito or Thomas. You can only be referring to Kennedy on the DOMA decision and Roberts on upholding Obamacare, which:

1) Kennedy has always been strongly pro-gay rights. He authored the opinion in Lawrence v. Texas, too. This isn't him deciding to look past his general conservatism to go to the left because the law compels him to. Everyone who follows the Court saw this 5-4 split coming b/c it has long been part of Kennedy's legal philosophy re: discrimination.

2) Roberts' swing vote on the ACA was, legitimately, stunning. Because, by all accounts, he was ready to rule against it, then realized how that would look / impact the view of his Court. He found a way to stretch a taxation interpretation that, legally, was pretty weak, but allowed him to save face while also striking down the commerce clause.
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