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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
hey look everyone a liberal calling someone names who he disagrees with! This is the liberal agenda, intimidation.

The the constitution protects freedom of religion and yes, it also protects the religious from governement and vice versa. No one is forcing religion on anyone. Why do you have to be so dramatic?
You're intimidated by being called "stupid" on the internet? You must piss your pants all the time.

And it protects the government and people FROM idiots -- again, like you, pee-pants -- who push religion as a higher law for all people, regardless of their personal beliefs.

By saying "the bible says gay people are wrong, so let's pass a law stating that gay people can't get married," you're pushing YOUR religion on other people. Do you honestly not see that?

Are you really that stupid?

Here, I got you these, Pee-Pants.

Nobody puts Jay-bee in the corner.
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