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Originally Posted by Arkie View Post
The majority agree with civil unions that are equal to the secular status of marriage. Some religions don't agree with gays joining together in Holy Matrimony or as a sacrament. I don't see the big deal because it's just a word, but I didn't think liberals wanted to mix the state with religion. Why can't they adopt a different word that's not considered sacred among religious groups?
Because religion stole the word from the secular community in the first place. "Marriage" was a secular institution long before it had sacred and religious implications.

The best solution would be to give the word to the religious community entirely, and adopt the term "civil union" to refer to any state-sanctioned "marriage".

So if you want God to smile upon your matrimonial bliss, you get "married" in a church.

If you want a tax break or power of attorney or whatever, you go down to City Hall or Vegas or wherever and get a "civil union".

That's pretty much how it is already (except for the nomenclature), because anyone who gets married by a religious officiant still needs to get a certificate from the state.

The government then doesn't have to recognize any "marriage", as it is now a purely religious institution, and no church anywhere ever will have to worry about getting in trouble for refusing to perform gay marriages (even though that's the case now).
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