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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Conservatives need to get back to good principles. Believing that people, not government, make America go. There's a lot of Black and Hispanic groups that have very conservative values but the left has done such a good job of painting Republicans as racists that they turn to the only thing left.

Many Black communities hate the welfare state - the way it encourages Husbandless - even "partner-less" welfare mothers who have more children to get bigger checks. Hispanic communities favor family values and hard work. They really aren't looking for a handout. My gay friend is fiscally very conservative and only votes Democrat because of he and his partner's personal issues.

If Republicans would get onto the fiscal responsibility angle, worked on keeping government off our phone calls and fighting for family values - that's families with parents, preferably two or more, raising children in good homes - they could get a lot of votes and retake power.

I think a majority of Americans don't want a large police state that tries to do everything.
I think that this would be a great strategy for them, but not only because minority groups are hard working and fiscally responsible, but because most of America is. The two parties get painted in contrasting colors but the people who vote for them have much more overlap than difference. Anyone who thinks that most conservatives are racist, just as anyone who thinks that most progressives/liberals are free loaders looking for a handout and not believing in fiscal responsibility, is simply not in touch with reality. I know a lot of blue collar type of guys that vote republican because one of the signature conservative message of, "I work hard, and i don't want my money wasted." Does anyone think that your average middle class progressive/liberal family doesn't also hold these views? Granted, that's a very oversimplified snapshot but it's an example.

My point is this, and this is a much traveled road I know, but as long as we have a two party system we are always going to be pitted against each other under the illusion of insurmountable differences like gay marriage and gun control laws with either nothing getting done do to an endless congressional tug of war stale mate, or one party with a super majority forcing laws down everyone's throats without a holistic input.

We need to work together, we need to have conversations like this together and not treat politics like static religious beliefs.
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