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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Well now that that's over, we'll just wait until the polygamists start their clamoring for equal rights too......not to mention the NAMBLA and beastiality clowns who will soon want equal protection under the law.

.....if a homosexual has the right to **** his buddy in the ass, or munch on her BFF's carpet then how can we as a society argue against a guy or woman who wants to **** a cow or horse? Oh, but wait...that stuff is not natural human behavior you say?

Well, neither is homosexuality, and look where we are today.
jesus, dude. you are attempting to stretch the comparison way too far and I hope this is something you picked up on a second rate, local conservative radio show and not out of your own mind.

First, you are straying from the topic which is marriage equality and not purely sexual activity. Second, you are basing the word "natural" on the idea that sexual activity (as well as love and commitment) is supposed to be performed solely for the purpose of procreation. We get it, the parts don't match. But that has nothing to do with two people falling in love and wanting to spend their lives together. By your strange logic, can we say that those opposite-sex couples who don't want to have kids can't marry? And don't talk about ****ing animals, dude. We are talking about intra-species union, the type of which you probably have not genuinely witnessed first hand or you would not be comparing it to bestiality.
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