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Originally Posted by SportinOne View Post
That's just... that has absolutely nothing to do with gay marriage and everything to do with how the laws are enforced. This is a ridiculous scenario anyway. First off, if i'm a part of a gay couple I either have a regular church or I don't. If I have a regular church, i'm 100% sure I would know the stance of the head clergy members on something that is so important to me. ie: I wouldn't be a member of a church that didn't support, basically, me. That seems pretty logical. Now, if I'm not a member of a church, I would simply pick one that does support gay marriage. If I find one that doesn't, so what? Move on to the next one.

Religions aren't anti-homosexuality as a general rule, it all depends on how a given collection of people choose to practice.

There is a good amount of scientific research that indicates that religious fundamentalism is not significantly associated with homosexuality and is actually negatively associated with racism (more religious fundamentalism equals less racism) but this is only when the effects of Right-Wing Authoritarianism are controlled for.
The easier answer is that these decisions don't deal with religious marriage. People who get married in a church MUST still get a state recognized certificate. The government cannot have any say in what a pastor can or will do, because the government essentially doesn't "recognize" religious marriage in the first place. You still need to jump through the state sanctioned hoops regardless of whether you were married in a church or synagogue.
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