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Originally Posted by BroncoSojia View Post
Obama was speaking out against discrimination against younger black males in general. Seeing as Zimmerman shot the kid on the account that he was "suspicious looking" and there was no evidence of Martin doing anything wrong.

How you could correlate that with this a-hole that was caught on camera assaulting and robbing people is beyond me.
Zimmerman's trial is on day 2 (and it's all over the news around here, I don't live that far from it). I'll make this prediction based on 2 days of the trial - Zimmerman will walk, easily. The state has no case and should have never brought the charges in the first place (maybe a manslaughter charge would have been better, but no way they're getting Murder 2).

The state's opening has been generally ridiculed and no one knows what they are trying to do other than give speculation on GZ state of mind and nothing else. One of the prosecution's witnesses yesterday was much, MUCH better for the defense than they were for the state. I can't believe they even called her to testify.

It's over. I don't see any path for the state to make their charges stick.
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