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Originally Posted by Swedish Extrovert View Post
I watched Sakic on Monday night live, and Gary Miller asked him why he didn't want Jones. He goes off for a couple minutes on McKinnon and then he's like "oh and Drouin and Barkov too."

I hope Sakic is bluffing HARD on this, so Florida panics, trades for #1, and we get Jones and another franchise player.

Jones is just a good business decision. He has a chance to open up the Avalanche to a whole new market. I'll just go ahead and say it - it's based on race. Jones could be to the NHL what Peyton Hillis was to running backs, only with elite talent. You already have Jay-Z knocking on his door for a Rocawear endorsement.

the Avs are selling MacKinnon way too hard. we've met with Jones recently(even though it was already a planned visit) and we reportedly still have a high interest in him.
yet if the draft was today and if we were picking #1 we'd pick Nate.
and Roy said our top three draft order is MacKinnon,Drouin and Barkov.
all three are known to be coveted by #2,#3 and #4 in that order.

i'm calling BS. we want Jones but want to trade down to maximize value as we believe he will fall lower.

Originally Posted by DivineLegion View Post
What he meant to say was, the NHL is overloaded with guys that have high motors, where as the NFL is slacking in the horsepower race. White people are like classic muscle cars, great torch, low top end speed. Peyton was a Chevelle, and he believes we need more classic cars in the NFL street (race) race.
the sad part is... i understood all this
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