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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
No, but your arrogance, as usual, can be infuriating. And you won the gun argument too. It's not going anywhere. Democrats like guns, republicans love guns. I personally think the second amendment is beyond absurd and antiquated, but I also understand the majority of the people like them regardless of my personal belief.
My arrogance, what about yours? All I'm doing is pointing out the hypocrisy of the liberal agenda.

When a pastor of a church gets arrested because he refuses to marry a homosexual couple, then this whole idea of "gay marriage doesn't hurt anyone" will go down the tube. The homosexual agenda will force the religious community to recognize gay marriage and when the religious community refuses to do so (even though this hypothetical gay couple can go to the local court house or any other place and have a marriage ceremony) it will be persecuted.
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