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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
And "global warming" isn't the reason.
Agreed. There's a by product of terraforming and changing the hydrologic cycle, which isn't in our benefit as a species living on the planet, but it's not a sustainable way of doing things.

I know a utopian solution isn't happening tomorrow, and i'm not going to say "tesla power" - but there has to be solutions that are cost effective.

One of the problems is regulations. Not all regulations are for the benefit of well being, but to protect established markets. That's where the collusion happens between gov't & corporations.

A lot of the petrol usage here, is in AG related items: the diesel fuel used to run tractors, the petrol used to make fertilizers & pesticides, the plastics used to package, the transportation costs, etc.

We have to be better, or else more of our farms & ag will be bought by chinese & other countries. (Look at the IMF & World Bank policies on nations that default on $)

There is a cost to changing how things are done, and if done right - most of that cost is upfront, while giving a good ROI over the long term.

I don't have any answer to solve the whole issue - I don't think there is a 'silver bullet' solution to a complex issue. I just see where there are extreme costs.

I'm fortunate to live in a very agriculture state, but this state is also being put under pressure for fracking. I don't really agree with fracking due to concerns that aren't addressed: (how does the hydrologic cycle change when you pump water deep into the earth, where it can't be recouped?, etc etc)

What i'm worried about is BLM lands being opened up for mining/fracking & also the sale of our agriculture lands.

the best thing you can do to help, is buy as much local grown as you can to minimize impact. Learn to eat more seasonally, and if you can - grow some of what you eat.

Beyond that - that's my way of trying to make an impact on environment - well that and selling bioremedation products to help clean up the petrochemicals that are sprayed onto fields and into our water supply.
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