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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Well, if you don't believe it's happening in the first place, you'll just make up other excuses. Of course it's not the fault of climate change, that doesn't exist.

It's because the taxes on companies who fish jellyfish predators are too high.
Now imagine billions of tons of dead jellyfish sinking into the abysses of the oceans and rotting there in a great mass. I wonder what kind of gasses that will create?

Everybody who doesn't believe in this science should be made to keep a reef tank. Nothing too big. Thirty gallons. See what happens when the salinity, or the alkalinity, or the calcium, or the phosphates, or the nitrates, get a little out of whack. The margins for error are very small. And what happens? Everything dies. Well, everything except for algae. They love it. I wonder how an algae salad sandwich tastes?
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