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Malik Jackson

Man. "The Flat Earth Society" is right. You think the ocean's aren't warming? Read this, dumbasses:

Man, this pisses me off. We are about to wipe out the world's coral reefs and we're more worried about how much money an energy executive has in his Aruban bank account. What would you rather have, a sea full of tuna or a sea full of jelly fish? Your call, dumbasses.

This is what a coral reef looks like:

This is what it looks like after the water gets too warm:

This is what sequoia trees look like:

What are they going to look like when the seas warm too much to create the cool coastal fogs these trees rely on for life?

What you are fighting for are the short term commercial self-interests of a handful of billionaires over (if you believe in that sort of thing) the rightful care-taking of God's green Earth.

Nothing so stupid as a Right Wing mouth-breather; Preach God on one hand, destroy His Earth with the other.

And if you don't believe in God, where would you like to move to once the forests are scorching deserts and the seas are filled with jelly fish?

You know why the Koch Brothers and Exxon Mobil spend billions to attack the science of global warming? Because they only give a **** about themselves and their own lives. Greed. When you sign on with them, you become the puppets of their greed.
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