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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
See. It is true. Politics is your guys' religion.
And there you go proving my point. In any case, personal beliefs - religious or otherwise - are due deference in-so-far as they are kept private. But once you choose to interject your beliefs (whatever they may be) into a public debate, then they are fair game.

Regardless. I didn't say I wouldn't discuss it. I have before. Just not here.
By "not here" you mean only this thread, correct? That's incredibly silly. What difference does it make? Seems like a deflection to me.

I know you guys would love to discuss anything and everything but the Transparenceh Presidency.
Several of us have expressed our disappointment with Obama (unlike boot-lickers like you did with your boy Bush). There seems to be a near consensus agreement between the left and right (on this board at least) regarding the CIA breach (for one example).

But I'm not taking this particular bait. mean like your "Transparenceh Presidency" comment above? In any case, I'm not sure how I'm baiting you when our current back and forth started when I responded to comment you made.
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