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Lamin Barrow

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
i'm just curious to see if Florida blinks and gives into our demands for Gudbranson to trade up to #1. they want MacKinnon badly and we've been talking him up like mad.
I watched Sakic on Monday night live, and Gary Miller asked him why he didn't want Jones. He goes off for a couple minutes on McKinnon and then he's like "oh and Drouin and Barkov too."

I hope Sakic is bluffing HARD on this, so Florida panics, trades for #1, and we get Jones and another franchise player.

Jones is just a good business decision. He has a chance to open up the Avalanche to a whole new market. I'll just go ahead and say it - it's based on race. Jones could be to the NHL what Peyton Hillis was to running backs, only with elite talent. You already have Jay-Z knocking on his door for a Rocawear endorsement.
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