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He hasn't been arrested yet despite having his house searched several times, ponds dove in and crime scene searched. There is nothing to do yet from a PR standpoint.
There is plenty to do yet from a PR standpoint. A high-profile player looke to be heavily involved in a murder case.

What does the amount of time it takes the DA to build a case have to do with anything we are talking about? It's beyond obvious Hernandez had something to do with it and it's going to take an incredible explanation to sway public opinion, which is much different than swaying a jury. If the pats were so willing to welcome him back with open arms they probably wouldn't have minded him hanging out at the facility this past weekend.

Saying there is 'zero chance' the Pats cut him or decide not to play him if he's not found guilty of a crime is being naive imo. There's definitely a chance he's cut and there's definitely a chance he never plays a down again in the NFL even if he gets off with no jail time.
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