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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Obama has nothing he can do but destory the economy some more to satisfy the hard leaning left that right now is pissed at him. The Canadian oil will get fracked either way its just now we won't get anything from it.
Have you been following the news? Have you been seeing the stories upon stories of oil spills in recent months? Like the 5 million liters spilled in Alberta alone this year, one of which was from 5 year old pipes? Canada's problem? The same company is doing the manufacturing in the US, and they're notorious for cheaping out...they outright denied to fit state of the art analysis equipment recommended by the US government because it would cost too much.

Did you also know no one knows how to effectively clean up tar sands oil bitumen? Go try fishing the Kalamazoo River near Marshall. I wouldn't even recommend canoeing it.
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