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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
What's obama to do. Invade every mid east country & force everyone at gun point to vote for who we want as leader.
He should have not called for Mubarek to step down and instead let the Egyptian military know that without Mubarek all the support we give them ends. It basically pays their salaries ya know? and it most definitely pays for all of their toys. Instead he went against his Sec of State and called for him to step down. Then before that instead of playing hardball with Iran over an occupying forces agreement he easily just gave up because he didn't want to stay. Why? because he said he wouldn't in election. Another election yr promise based on fantasy but this one he followed through on. Shows he is shortsighted. Now iran owns Iraqs airspace and does it what it wants. Cue Libya, Syria where once again he is supporting unfriendly forces into power.

You don't have to invade to be the opposite of what Obama has done. Just show some fortitude you will do whats best for the world not some BS about well I cant force people to vote for someone. you do it with our power, our money.
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