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Princes of Tara

Originally Posted by kdissette View Post
my buddy Donny plays bass for victor shores....i work overnights wed thru sat but hit me up if im off i might venture out.

and any LED tv can have a regular antenae hooked up to it to get channels...its only the older tvs that require the special box.
Donny rocks. I met David first though. Been friends with them for a couple of years. I will send you a PM sometime. I am not sure when those guys play their next Fargo show, but I assume it will be soon. Some decent concerts coming up this way, Avette Brothers (spelling) and Sevendust. OK, Sevendust was cool when I was like 14 but I will never forget listening to T.O.A.B. in my cousins crappy car at Thanksgiving when it was released. Just punishing.

Bam bam ababaamamam!
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