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Originally Posted by edog24 View Post
So how do you guys deal with fulfilling the garbage reality shows like real housewives, bachelor, etc? Also, anyone on here do this with kids programming? I am concerned the spouse/little ones won't know how to navigate several media options (they currently can get onto DVR and play their programs). These are the main issues for me holding onto cable. I have been wanting to do it for a while but am getting resistance from the family.
We torrent the kids programs. There's quite a bit if you look. My wife had to bite the bullet on Bravo. I think you could find those shows, but I didn't care to look and our home is a better place without that crap in it.

That said, I'm switching to Direct TV tomorrow. The new DVR packages and getting an account from the Wal Mart guys means I can actually save money canceling my Hulu Plus Dish Network minimalist account riding out the contract. I can still run my OTA signal through the Genie system they have. And the $75 gift card to Wal Mart since it's under their corporate package helps too. My monthly bill will be $50 a month for two TV's after the promotional period. I'll come out $175 ahead at the end of the two year contract (that's including after the price goes up in 12 months), get new equipment and still be able to run my OTA signal through their DVR on a pretty bare bones package. I'll be getting HD on both my HD tv's too, where before I was only getting it on one.

So shop and shop from people who are trying to sell you their TV packages. That's my advice. The cable and satellite companies are feeling the squeeze for sure. Well Sat companies are anyway. Dish tried, but couldn't match Direct's deal (though they may have been able to had I gone to a third party guy for Dish, not the tech I was canceling with.) For the same thing I got from Direct TV, Comcast wanted to charger me $85 a month. I already have their internet which they said they'd offer me $5 off but I'd get more if I paid for a land line or relic from last century.

So comcast still sucks. But if you have to get TV from a provider, I recommend rotating your companies every two years - You get brand new equipment. Direct and Dish both have technology that allows you to run your over the air feed into their DVR's and it doesn't interrupt their Satellite signal. You can save on their DVR with the other programming. If their box records 4 signals at the same time, you will be able to record two over the air signals. This is nice if you're watching live programming you don't care to save on network TV but have a lot of other prime time programming during the week. And the newer Satellite boxes are streaming to tablets and smartphones. - So more value added there.
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