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What do "mankind and his decisions" have to do with a tsunami or an earthquake, or some other "act of God" that results in death and hardship?

Would you give a person a pass if you found out that they had the power to prevent the murder of a two year old? Literally, stop it from happening? If not, why should the same standards not be applied to a god? Are you really satisfied with a "man and his decisions" type of argument when comes to such a thing? Or do you simply stop thinking at this point and reach for your handy "God works in mysterious ways" crutch?
I'm not going to derail the thread any more on this here. Feel free to start a new one if you're really interested in a discussion on that. On the way over, ask yourself, would any of it ever have any possibility of really changing your mind? If not, why beat each other up?
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