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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Let's see here...

- Lack of contraceptive access is not a significant factor
- Poor sex education is not a significant factor
- The ability to provide for a family is not a significant factor
- Access to child care is not a significant factor
- Level of education is not a significant factor

I wonder why I listed all of those things in one post...

Do you understand the word "comprehensive"? How about "complex"?
Sometimes 'comprehensive' turns out to mean "just try **** until something works"

The fact of the matter is most kids know how to prevent pregnancy. And have the means to do so. They're just very very very short-sighted and hormone driven. So they don't.

Assuming no teen-years detainment or forced contraception, there will always be tons of unwanted pregnancies to deal with. Always has been. 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions are just about the most monstrous way to "deal with them" that could ever be devised. The law should reflect that. Yet you specifically make threads calling that out. While calling other demogogues.
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