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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Well, if a God does exist, and has the ability to intervene in our lives, then there is no other rational conclusion to draw but that that God is a truly evil tyrant (sadistic, really), totally unworthy of worship.

If you found out that a particular individual could have prevented the murder and rape of a child but chose not to, what conclusions would you draw about this person? Or what if they had the power to prevent a tsunami that results in the deaths of thousands, but again chooses not to? And, please, spare me some variation of "God works in mysterious ways."
It's either that or a "gold is better after tested in fire" argument...which is where the sadism comes in.

But that's a very good question...I wonder what the conservative religious response would be to Benghazi if the administration had just said "The President works in mysterious ways, guys. Mere citizens cannot know or understand." Seems like a bit of a double standard to demonize a guy who may have been able to prevent a terrorist attack, yet continually make excuses for the motives of someone who can supposedly literally stop any bad thing from happening anywhere at any time, doesn't it?

And Tony, to your article, that's an interesting summary of the question of spirituality and belief in God in the first place. Oh, the sweet irony of an idea invented (or at least perpetuated) to help people cope with the trials of life which actually causes more emotional pain than it eases.

Personally as a non-religious person, I'm terrified of death. But when I mull things over, I find that it's more because I realize that I still have a lot more left to do, and to die without accomplishing it would not only cut my dreams short, but sell my family and children short as well. I'm sure as I get older and the tapestry of my life unfolds, I'll be able to see the whole picture more clearly and appreciate where I've been and what I've done.
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