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And yes, they have the highest legal abortion rates. What data do you have on the actual abortion rates?
That 'illegal' abortion constitutes a statistically significant share in Roe V Wade America is a bold (and unsupportable) claim.

Besides, good ol' Kermit's 'abortions' would've been 'legal' under your high-minded statistical standards right up until they weren't. This old "only Blue Stateseses does it right" canard had it's day. It passed.

Keep demagoguing. This is exactly what I'm talking about. You can talk about wrong, immoral, selfish all you want. Do it til you're blue in the face.

The fact remains that as as long as you and yours continue to do that, you will do absolutely NOTHING to actually reduce the number of abortions.

All blame, no substance.
You know things are effed up when "Murder is Wrong" is taken as a statement of blame.
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