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I don't think ANYONE should give up the goal of wanting to make abortions (except of course in certain rare cases) a thing of the past.

But yes, you're right. Conservatives routinely cite inner-city pregnancy statistics without examining right in their own backyard. Like I said in the other thread, to think this isn't just as bad in rural ("Christian!") America is ignorant.

It's also ignorant to think parents can do a better job of educating your children about sex than a medical professional. Guess what? They can't. Or maybe I should rephrase that...even if they "can", they too often "don't". It's a failure of responsibility in the social contract, and it's gone on for far too long. "Sorry parents, you've proven that you, as a whole, cannot or will not teach your kids responsibly about we're going to do it for you whether you like it or not."
Wrong answer. Blue-tinted mandatory-sex-ed states tend to have the highest abortion rates. Yokelsberg Red states have similar or even higher pregnancy rates, but fewer abortions. It's a straight morality play. Legitimization encourages. There's no argument.

Now watch as the outrage roils up..."how dare you suggest taking away my rights to teach my kids about how the pee pee goes into the thingy!" As if sex were some sacred act that some disembodied voyeur watched and judged you on at every turn, instead of a natural biological process that our animal instincts urge us to do in order to continue the species.


See why it's so hard to reduce the number of abortions? It's easier just to say "ban it" and be done. What really confuses me though, is when people like Beavis (or the Texan lawmakers) go out of their way to make all these legal arguments about when and where and why and how life seems to me it would be a hell of a lot easier to just talk about the actual problem.
Selfishness isn't the only part of the problem, but it's inarguably the largest part. Murdering another for the sake of your own lifestyle and comfort is wrong. Hiding the assault behind the uterine wall does not make it better. Having teachers tell students there's nothing wrong with that during 'sex education' makes it even worse.
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