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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
You have no idea why De Gaulle pulled out militarily......or that the French otherwise remained in NATO while pledging their military support in the event of a USSR invasion.

If you had ever studied French history, you'd know why they were so sensitive to 'Anglo Saxon' domination of the alliance.

Hint: it wasn't because of a CIA plot to depose De Gaulle. If it were, do you really think the French would have left quietly? Hardly.
Sure, there were multiple factors. The French were miffed because the US shared nuclear weapons technology with the UK and not them.

But the CIA's support of plots by right wing French military elements to assassinate DeGaulle because of his decision to end the Algerian war undoubtedly contributed to French anger.

DeGaulle was a good leader -- and should have had US support. Instead, our CIA supported plots to execute him.

99% of Americans are unaware of this. MHG
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