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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
right- when I lived in Buffalo I used to get Denver games 4PM every week almost.

Now for the Bills, they never even sniff a MNF or SNF spot- heck, I haven't seen them on TV for a game on a broadcast network for 6 years....

But cable/dish, what a waste. I would go back to cable/ dish if it is was like I-tunes where I could buy content piecemeal that I wish to see... but to habe a hundred channels I woud never watch a prepay in package, no thanks... and they have the tech to do it, but like cell plans I guess they need to lock you in make money

Did you know if takes 9 months of a cell contract before the comapny nets a penny?
Yep, my local team is in the AFC EAst as well. So Broncos are almost always on. Plus with an OTA antenna I can pull another city nearby and they broadcast games that my market doesn't at times.

If a la carte was offered, I'd buy literally a couple channels. But, those ****s won't do it so no biggie. I do not miss it.

I'm off contract right now and can switch anytime I want. You can always buy a smartphone for regular price, which I do. But, yah that's why the phone providers want the 2 year contracts.

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