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Yep, they are national tv all the time. Plus if you live on the east coast they can take the late slot games. Otherwise, websites out there broadcast(not the best) and if I feel like going to a bar, I go.
right- when I lived in Buffalo I used to get Denver games 4PM every week almost.

Now for the Bills, they never even sniff a MNF or SNF spot- heck, I haven't seen them on TV for a game on a broadcast network for 6 years....

But cable/dish, what a waste. I would go back to cable/ dish if it is was like I-tunes where I could buy content piecemeal that I wish to see... but to habe a hundred channels I woud never watch a prepay in package, no thanks... and they have the tech to do it, but like cell plans I guess they need to lock you in make money

Did you know if takes 9 months of a cell contract before the comapny nets a penny?
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