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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
I cut the cord. We use Netflix and XBMC. I am, however, considering going back to DirecTV for NFL Direct Ticket. But maybe not. Now that Manning is our QB, we get almost every game locally, and the few that we don't get, it wouldn't be anything for me to pop over to a local bar to see.
Originally Posted by sisterhellfyre View Post
I don't watch much for sports other than football, so I'm not missing anything most of the year. I can always visit the local sports bar if there's a game I want to see that's not on broadcast.
I've never understood this. Do you sit at the sports bar for 3 hours sipping on one $3.95 beer? If I am at a bar for that long I am looking at least $50.00 tab. Doesn't that ruin the whole savings point?
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