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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
So what you're saying is since Casey Anthony wasn't supported with enough federal programs, the government was needlessly meddling with her right to choose.

Free Kermie?
Nice reduction. I only hope you're trying to be cute, and this really isn't what you took away from that discussion.

No. You can play all the logic games and attempt to define and redefine life and viability all you want. What I'm saying is that if you correct the problems which cause most people who have abortions to get them, then you can start talking about banning abortion all together. Unless and until that happens, you're just paying lip service to a problem and not solving it.

If you solve the majority problem, you take away the need for people to cry foul about their "reproductive rights". Sure, there will always be people who keep pounding that drum (like, peacepipe), just as there will always be people who refuse to make exceptions for some abortions because "it's a LIFE, by gum!" (like Tombstone). But I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of liberals - 80%+ - would be willing to ban abortion in most instances if we were actually making any real attempts to address very simple problems, like "who is watching my kid while I work/look for a job", as well as "you are not 'above' any job, your kids need you, you're not holding out for a management position, you're working at Target." In fact, in my own circle, where most of the people I associate with are more liberal than I am, I haven't found a single person who wouldn't support a ban on most abortions under those circumstances.

I mean, let's use your own argument about gun laws...since when has banning abortion actually reduced the number of abortions? This is why people favor comprehensive gun control, and not just banning ****. This is also why it doesn't matter how you define or redefine all those words that have to do with a woman's body. If you don't solve the reasons why she might, it still remains an option for her, regardless of the legality.

But no, you're not interested in solving anything, just like the Republicans. You want to bluster away, condemn, and stand up on your soap box and dictate policy for people whose lifestyle you could never hope to understand. You're not interested in reality. You're interested in ideology. Reducing abortions is boring, but firebranding? Now that's fun!!
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