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Originally Posted by sisterhellfyre View Post
We did the same thing at our place, orangeatheist. We have a DSL line for Netflix & Hulu, an Ooma device for VOIP landline phone service, and an indoor HDTV antenna.

We only had the most basic level of cable channels (not even including ESPN), plus Internet & phone. Even so we cut our monthly bill in half, from $130 to about $65. The Ooma unit cost about $150 up front, but it's paid for itself a couple times over (since last September).

I don't watch much for sports other than football, so I'm not missing anything most of the year. I can always visit the local sports bar if there's a game I want to see that's not on broadcast.
How do you like the Ooma so far? Did you get their phones also or use your own?
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