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After suffering through Comcast and then DishNetwork for years, I now have this on the side of my house:

ClearStream 2 HDTV Antenna

and could not be happier. Brings in all my locals and my two favorite, most-watched networks: Antenna-TV and ME-TV and no more monthly bills. Got Netflix streaming on my PS3 (Wii for the kids and a Roku box upstairs) for $8 a month and I'm fully content.
This is functionally my same setup. I stopped cable in the mid-nineties and haven't suffered a bit. Sure, I don't have the premium networks, and I don't have the choices on the tube that a lot of folks have, but I don't care.

The last things I need are:
1. A $100/month bill for diminishing value programming
2. Another reason for me or my family to park our asses in front of the TV

I visit friends and relatives who have cable and it seems like they just scroll through channels looking for something to watch instead of doing something productive. It's funny, if you actually look for it.

I approach watching programmed viewing like I do shopping: find something specific I want to watch, make note of the time, watch that, and turn the TV off after it's over. I confess my family logs a lot of XBOX/Wii time, and we do watch a good number of DVD/BluRay movies, but those activities are chosen by us, not foisted upon us by some programming d-bag - no commercials either.

Finally, for those who have some web-fu, there are an increasing number of choices for streaming (both for fee and not) for a great number of the programming viewers want to watch. THIS IS THE FUTURE - at some point, our TV's will complete their transition to simply display monitors - driven by content stored locally, on the cloud, or streamed. There will be companies like Comcast and Cable One who provide "programming" over the internets just like cable now, but it will be webbed, not broadcast.

I occasionally consider jumping back in, but in the end reason wins out and I go mountain biking, or hiking, or fishing, or (most typically) I read a book.

Don't miss it at all.
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