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Originally Posted by McDman View Post
So after getting repeatedly ass rammed by Comcast I think I'm done. I'm almost physically ill with anger at how that company remains in business. How their actions are not considered criminal is a travesty.

Anyways, now that my borderline psychotic murderous rant is over, has anyone here done cable-less? I have been thinking about it for awhile. I really only watch AMC, HBO, sports and some random shows here and there.

My main question is how do I watch all of these sports I want to see? I had a lot more to ask but I forgot in my blind rage. I will edit later.
Cut the cord so many years ago. You will, gasp... Go out and play more sports rather than sit there watching that **** all day, everyday.

I have Netflix, but will be cancel when my subscription ends in a few months. Amazon instant video is free with prime. Redbox for movies. -Always free codes and discounts on renting movies.

Why not cancel and try it for a few months?, and then go back if you want.
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