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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
it was a basic ACL tear. nothing more to it, unless he injures his other knee or re-injuries the torn one will be fine.
one injury doesn't forever doom the player. an acl tear is a simple fix nowadays.

very good move. i bet he does wonders for their bigs like he did in Indy.

we should have dealt him last season instead of ****ing around. we wanted Harrison Barnes and wouldn't ok the deal.
now we could get #3 from the Wiz and take Oladipo,Porter or etc and the Bulls "are only gauging his trade value."
i swear to God the Bulls have this insane love affair with certain players beyond reason.
Hinrich and now Deng. but we couldn't keep Asik or Gordon.
Speed. I wanna see how he performs. While it's a more routine surgery, bball players slow down from it.

I'm surprised they didn't keep Asik. Also Deng has been shopped so much just trade the mofo. He's got 1 year left on his current deal and I wouldn't want to pull the trigger for another huge contract.
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