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Default Slingbox, or othe streaming playback options

I haven't paid for any television service in a couple of years plus and don't regret it. I can get almost all entertainment from the internet... the one issue though is sports. I've sacrificed Nuggets and Avs, but I can watch the Broncos over the air since I'm off Sundays. Well next season I may be working Sundays and want to explore ways to have the game on streaming while working, as well as being able to watch a recording when I get back (without biting the bullet and paying for TV service again)

I haven't messed around with slingbox... but was thinking of getting one and installing it on my sis' TV. Anyone have experience with it? How well would it work? Would I be able to watch it from my computer (including stuff recorded off the DVR) without interfering with my sister's viewing? For example, would I be able to watch a game she recorded off her DVR on the slingbox while she watches something else?

Slingbox is pricey but ultimately even the high end models only cost what two to three months of television service would cost. Any other suggestions?
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