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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
Letang will get north of 7 mill. That's his starting point.

Everyone knows that Letang will end up getting traded, Shero isn't going to fleece anyone on this. He either resigns Letang or lets Letang walk next season for nothing. Letang has the leverage, not Shero.
Problem with your argument is that GMs have the patience of teen girls. Last year Staal actually publicly rejected our offer before the draft and made it known that he would not stay REGARDLESS of the amount offered cause he wanted to go to Carolina. Everyone and their Mom knew he would sign with Carolina as a FA and we STILL fleeced them.

Even if they don't get something they like at the draft (and they will) things get crazy and everyone overpays at the deadline so he could get moved then.
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